The Stench of Macaroni Impedes my Progress

4 Nov

Current Status: Over-chocolated

Food Consumed: Chocolate digits x 1000

On The iPod: Girlfriend on Demand; Joss Stone

Word Count: 823

I’m edging closer to the end of chapter six.

The ‘Poppy Story’ is coming slower than ‘Times of Bright’ did; though I’m working without the safety net of a plot timeline for this one.

Another couple pages written tonight. Another pretty cruddy word count.

The stench of husband’s post-cricket macaroni is overpowering, as is the sound of senseless beating in the background (courtesy of some boxing movie I don’t care to know the name of). Time to head off and lull myself to sleep with the now familiar strains of the ‘Poppy Story’s’ playlist, and dream up the next scenes in the sequence.

For those that care, the total page count so far is 56. Total word count on the ‘Poppy Story’ is 17, 272.

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