Glee-dom and all Things GLEE!

6 Nov

Current Status: Bored at work

Food Consumed: Caffeine

On The iPod: The sound of machines whirring in the workshop (not conducive to writing)

Word Count: 2420

Before I begin I should point out that the word count above is from last night, and not today. Last night I was distracted (not to the point where I couldn’t write anything – as you can see I wrote quite a bit in my cute pattern journal) by the awesomeness that is ‘Glee,’ and Mark Salling’s cavity-inducing sweetness, that I plum-forgot about typing up all that I’d written, to get a word count.

So, the word count is a little late in coming, but whatever, it’s still nearly 2,500 words more than I had the day before.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to beat that today. I’d like to think I can – it is TGIF, after all – but my co-worker has just come back from two weeks of Hawaiian bliss, and it would be awfully rude of me to ignore her gushings of holiday perfection for my (not-NaNoWriMo) write-goal.

Reading over what I managed to write last night during the ad breaks in ‘Glee,’ I’m surprised at how it turned out. ‘Glee’ is such a sugar-fest: it is sickly sweet, to the point of nausea, highly comical (highly addicting!), and doesn’t take itself seriously at all, whereas what I’m currently writing is dark, twisted – basically everything that ‘Glee’ is not.

I guess I was lucky the scene I was trying to write last night was more low-key than others directly before it, so I could handle a bit of sugar-coating mixed in with my undertones of doom and gloom.

Last’s night mighty effort has the ‘Poppy’ story at 63 pages, 19, 690 words. Almost at that crucial 20,000-mark. I always tell myself that if/when I make it to 20K, I can get officially excited about the story, and where it’s taking me.

‘Poppy’ story, you’re almost there – don’t let me down now!


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