Goals and Other Writerly Things

12 Nov

Current Status: Hungry

Food Consumed: Extra-early morning caffeine (in the form of vanilla coke)

On The iPod: Misc. workshop noises

Word Count: So far today – zilch

It’s Thursday morning. Too early. My brain doesn’t want to be thinking about anything right now, but especially not some plot point I dreamed last night that is slightly hazy now I’m awake. If you’d call my current state awake.

There’s still four more days in the week for me to reach my write goal – which, this week, is 15,000 words. If I get there, I will have exactly 25,000 words, which brings me exactly halfway to 50K at exactly halfway of the not-NaNoWriMo month. So I will be well and truly on track.

I just did a quick tally for the week so far – 7,430 words. Again, I’m halfway there, but with less than half of the week to go. Damn. I need to get off my lazy ass and get those words down – what the hell have I been doing?! {{Oh yeah, upping my score in Cafe World… oops!}}

The ‘Poppy’ story reached another milestone this week (last night, to be precise). It’s now 100 pages young, and still going strong. I went to sleep before I reached 30,000 words, though, which is unfortunate. I really wanted to crack that mark in a sort of 100-page-30-K super-special.

Still, I know I’ll pass 30K today. The ‘Poppy’ story is really getting there. I’d say I’m quite in love with it, actually, but I’m not sure that’s allowed. Can you be head over heels for your own story and admit it, or is that just showing extreme bias?

I let one of my good friends into Poppy’s world this week. I’m always nervous whenever someone reads something new for the first time. It’s like I’m putting a piece of myself on a pedestal and praying they’ll like me (and I kind of am, really). The desperate desire for feedback, though, always gets the better of me. My ego likes to be stoked regularly.

I start holidays as of 4 pm this afternoon which, conceivably, means I should be able to get a shit-load of writing done between now and the time I have to be back at work. This not-NaNoWriMo goal I’ve forced on myself seems to be working, though, so I should be able to keep up the good numbers. Heh – I should just pretend that every month is not-NaNoWriMo for me, and then maybe I wouldn’t go through so many dry spells?

I should be off. I dreamed up a really hot sex scene between Poppy and her main “love interest” (I say love interest because I’m not sure what else to call him) last night, and I want to get that down on paper – stat!

So this is me leaving. Total ‘Poppy’ word count so far is 29,556.


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