14 Nov

Current Status: Frustrated

Food Consumed: A Hungry Jacks burger, fries and coke + 2 x Gaiety biscuits (nomnom)

On The iPod: The Small Print; Muse

Word Count: 3,925

I cut the last portion of ‘Poppy:’ Chapter 10 last night. I was happy at the time. I was happy this morning. Now the words have dried up again. Fucking painful!

‘Poppy’ story is now at 113 pages, 33, 481 words, and has stalled.

My not-NaNoWriMo word count now stands at 11,355.

If I’m still struggling with ‘Poppy’ by tomorrow, I’m going to put it on hold while I start on the edits to ‘Times of Bright.’ No sense trying to force something that isn’t there when I have plenty of other work to do on the first manuscript.

ETA: That not-NaNoWriMo word count above is slightly inaccurate. I just realised that total was for this week only – I’d written an additional 10,000 words the week before. So my not-NaNoWriMo total doesn’t look so bad after all. It’s sitting pretty on 21,355 words. Not a bad effort, all things considered.

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