A Book Signing & Dorothy Shoes

18 Nov

Current Status: Sleepy

Food Consumed: Salad

On The iPod: Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mash-Up; Glee Cast

Word Count: 1,098

I’ll get the tough stuff out of the way first.

Basically, I have written nothing over the past few days. Or, next to nothing. My not-NaNoWriMo total stands at 22,453, which is really poor. I’ve been more than a slack bitch. Somebody should slap me. The ‘Poppy’ story is currently flailing on 34,579. I should have stopped and started my manuscript edits, but I want to finish this first. It is a good story, it’s just my brain isn’t working with it right now.

I went to a Judy Nunn book signing last night. It was my first. {{Yes, I was a book signing/book launch virign prior to last night. So sue me.}} I have to stay that it wasn’t what I expected, but I did enjoy myself. I was hella nervous when it came to actually saying hello and getting my brand new copy of her latest, ‘Maralinga,’ signed.

I dragged my mother along because I was too scared to go on my own. I’ve never been one to tackle a room full of strangers all by myself, even if it’s an event I really, really want to go to. I hate crowds. I loathe meeting new people. In other words, I’m a sook.

I didn’t get a photo. I was going to ask (many people were, and Judy didn’t mind) but there was that nervous thing cropping up again. Plus, I had a lovely chat with her, which kind of held up the already large line of people waiting to get their books signed, and I felt bad about holding them up so I could talk to her and get a photo as well. So I didn’t.

I figured meeting her, getting a signed book and having her wish me luck with my manuscript was enough. I even got kisses in my book message because she liked me, and was thrilled to hear I would be tackling the publishing world in the near future with a manuscript or two of my own.

Can I just say that I think everyone should go out and buy a copy of her new book. It sounds like it’s going to be a good read, and she is the sweetest, loveliest lady – honestly, she had nothing but smiles and kind words for us.

Her publicist even picked me out of the line to comment on my shoes. I was wearing my Dorothy flats – ruby red and utterly divine! I have a slight obsession for Dorothy shoes. I got married in them, after all. I think every fashionable wardrobe should have at least one pair of ruby heels.

I must be off! I have 6 hours until the midnight premiere of ‘New Moon’ (which I am attending with a friend), and lots of pampering and the application of toothpicks to my eyelids to attend to. I have had a horridly emotional day, thanks to some anti-inflamm. medication that likes nothing better than to give me the run-around, so I’m exhausted: physically and mentally. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay awake, but I’ll give it my darndest.

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