Laziness: Part Two

26 Nov

Two blog posts in one day?! I have a break from writing and this is the result – so expect to be bombarded with blog posts and word count updates over the next couple of days while I get my groove back.

I’ve just read an interesting short article about writer’s block and getting in the right mindset to finish that first draft I’m struggling with, and thought I’d share my own ideas on the subject while it’s all fresh in my head.

The article in question was this (in case you were wondering).

This part, a little ways down the page, really sang to me:

Lower your standards. Writer’s block really originates from high standards.

And there, the crux of my problem!

I always think too much when writing, wanting every little thing to be word-perfect, when really, there’s no plausible way a first draft can be perfect in any sense of the word. Sure, I can be proud of portions of the text, and the text as a whole, but I’m certainly not about to send it off to an editor/publisher/agent without first heavily revising every single line on those glossy white pages.

So, my cure for the writer’s block and mass laziness that has consumed me is thus: stop being so damned picky and just write!

It really is that simple. And I know this; have known this for quite some time. Seeing it in print just now, though, has merely cemented that fact in my brain.

Now, I shall write, and keep the words there, no matter how terrible I think they may be.

I feel a second wind coming on. The ‘Poppy’ story is saved!

P.S. For those that care, my word count since last night is 2,395.


One Response to “Laziness: Part Two”

  1. ladyautumntwilight 26/11/2009 at 3:19 pm #

    I knew that quote before I heard it. Most of the time, my rough drafts make have plot-holes out the wazoo and errors galore but then I can go back and fix it cause I’m done!

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