Because I’m a Woman…

10 Jun

Current Status: Ecstatic

Food Consumed: Cream bun

On The iPod: F*cken Awesome; Spiderbait

Word Count: One page; longhand

Because I am a woman I can do two things at once, so I’m now writing two novels instead of one. Maybe even three, if my mind gets its own way.

As I mentioned previously, I have started my third draft in my “current” WIP (which has a new name that I don’t wish to reveal yet, so I’ll keep calling it ‘Times of Bright’ for the present). The new draft is going along rather swimmingly. I think I’ve overcome my floating character obstacle well enough, the words are slow but they are still coming, so I can’t complain. Life is good.

This is where life – and my muse – throws a spanner in the works. An idea I tried to get off the ground in January (and failed, miserably), has reared its pretty little head and spoken to me. Hallelujah? Erm, not so much. While I’m thrilled to finally have a starting off point – for some reason my mind will only allow me to write if I write the novel from the very first page to the very last, and in that order – it’s come at the most inopportune time, since I’d really rather be saving all of my writing mojo for the novel I hope will be published in the not-too-distant future.

—This post was interrupted by the strange, strange entrance of a very strange man in my office. If you want to know more, read my twitter feed here and here.—

Okay, now that I’m no longer distracted… Where was I? Right, I was ranting about my muse wanting me to write two novels instead of one. So, since I can’t get the mind to stop focusing on this new (old, really, but new in the sense that I’m finally making use of it) idea, I have no choice but to put it into words for as long as and as eloquently as I can. Whilst also continuing to edit and re-draft my major project, ‘Times of Bright.’

In future posts you’ll no doubt hear more about this ‘new’ WIP, but until I’ve written more than a few pages I won’t say too much about it at all. I am very excited about it, though. In my head it’s this beautiful thing, so I really hope I can convey that in words. It’s also incredibly dark in places because, you know, I can’t write anything happy. Heh, heh.

So, what the heck: I’ll write two novels simultaneously because I’m a woman and I can.

And while I’m at it I’ll chew a stick of gum, too.


4 Responses to “Because I’m a Woman…”

  1. Jodine Derena Butler 16/06/2010 at 8:29 pm #

    But of course you are…women can multi-task! Jx

  2. Jingle 17/06/2010 at 5:58 pm #

    I invite you to join our weekly Thursday Poets Rally,
    As a fresh or first time participant,
    what you do is to comment under my post with a poem link,
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    poetry awards will be assigned based on your comments and poem contribution…

    Happy Thursday!

    • thewritingant 18/06/2010 at 7:38 am #

      Thanks for the invite, Jingle. I’m pretty swamped at the moment with this draft I’m working on, plus my job, but I’ll try and make it when I can. Looks like fun! 🙂

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