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Brain Fodder 2: Fisher Boy & Me

30 Sep

Roo smiles at me and lets the grass slip from his open palm. The torn strands catch on the faint breeze and float past me, earthless roots bobbing like tentacles on the wind. – Fisher Boy & Me, words from my WIP.

All images were collected from the lovely, inspirational site, WeHeartIt.com.

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Brain Fodder 4 (Times of Bright)

25 Jun

As the sun dips low, signalling the end of another day in this new and desolate world, the same five words swirl in my mind, back and forth like a metronome: the world is a disease. To me, right now, it is the God-honest truth. – Times of Bright, words from my work-in-progress.

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All images taken from WeHeartIt.com.

Brain Fodder

20 May

This is my way of trying to get my mind back on my current WIP more fully.

The following is a collection of images that directly relate to the speculative fiction piece I’m working on. I’d keep them in a folder on my computer but it’s easier for me to see them all at once if I post them here, so really I’m just using this blog as a photographic library, of a sort.

More will be added as I find them.