What I’m Writing Now

I am currently working on the first draft of a new YA literary novel.

My first novel, formerly known as “Times of Bright,” is now complete and awaiting beta reader feedback.

In October, I will be working with industry professionals at a writing retreat to help polish my manuscript for publication. My spot was won with an excerpt from “Times of Bright,” a YA speculative/dystopian fiction novel set in Queensland, Australia.

My critique partner describes the novel as “a psychiatric hospital meets the apocalypse.”

If you’d like more information on “Times of Bright,” I have posted numerous picture inspirations for the story for your viewing pleasure.

I have also begun posting visual inspirations for my new WIP (working title: “Fisher Boy & Me”), the first of which can be found here.


3 Responses to “What I’m Writing Now”

  1. B Jas 25/07/2010 at 12:39 am #

    This sounds fascinating…. love the premise and the visual inspiration pieces are quite haunting. Nice. good luck to you!

    • thewritingant 25/07/2010 at 8:51 pm #

      Thank you very much! At this point I need all the luck I can get (the muse has not been kind to me of late).

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. xx a


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    […] What I’m Writing Now […]

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